US Government Contracting

Caliber’s Contracting Services


Government contracting presents the opportunity for businesses to greatly expand into a huge new market for retail sales and services. 

Unfortunately, the road to USG contracting is long and confusing.  Successful navigation to a contract award requires knowledge of the path, dedication to stay the course, and hard work to prepare the needed materials to place a bid.  That’s why most businesses either shy away from starting the process, or fail to ever make it to the end.  Fortunately, Caliber can help.  Caliber can assist your business in establishing itself in the General Services Administration (GSA) Catalogue, which opens up all agencies of the US Federal Government (USG) to purchase your goods or services. 

We take pride in helping your business wade through the preparatory waters to submit a complete and attractive bid for a USG contract (Material and Services (MAS), blanket purchase agreements, or sub-contracting).  We use our resident knowledge, experience, and established contacts to determine the best route for your business, then guide you through the daunting process of compiling a bid.  In short, we turn an otherwise overwhelming process into something understandable and attainable.  

Caliber also assists businesses wishing to contract with government agencies at the municipal and state levels.  Caliber and its partner entity, PsyHawk Strategies, offer you the ability to bid against otherwise off-limits solicitations called “set-asides” for which businesses must possess state issued certification.  Caliber and PsyHawk boast the following set-aside certifications:

– Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) (SBA certified)
– Service Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business – (SDVOSB) (Dept of Veterans Affairs certified)
– Veteran-owned Small Business (SAM certified)
– Small Business (SAM certified)
– Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) (State of TX certified)

– United Nations Authorized Supplier (UN certification)

Contact us to discuss the ways Caliber can help your business start bidding on government contracts – and open up a whole new market of possibilities!